Snake N’ Pram: 4/22/11

I had a few hours and decided to stop by the Snake, since the weather forecast was calling for upper 50 degree skies and warm temps. I only fished for 4 hours, but had one fish to hand, a 17″ Rainbow that went for my new size 14 Chromie tie.  I was testing out the new Humminbird RF45 wrist watch sounder and concluded that its a good device to use for when I am not fishing a pram and wanting to know the depth of the water where I am casting and the temp. I picked up this last model for $50, and figured that it would come in handy versus pulling anchor and rowing over to the shoreline as well to guage depth.

I’d been conversing with a gent in southern Oregon about his pram and I’ve been on the search for an all aluminum and welded boat that is lightweight and sturdy, which is tougher than you think to find, but I did, and now its safely at its new home amongst several other boats.  This is a Rogue 8′ pram and has everything that I need to make trips down to the beach for the upcoming Pink salmon arrival and also for putting on a kicker motor for future exploration of eastern WA lakes.  Its a little wider and taller than the Smith boat, but it fits like a glove in the back of the truck bed.  Many would call me crazy, and I probably am, but I can’t seem to find the perfect boat, this might just be the last pram I buy… 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Snake N’ Pram: 4/22/11

  1. Paul

    Hi, Paul,

    Just a question or two. Does this pram have a keel for rowing ease, or is it a flat bottom drifter? Also, is it custom made, or is it a standard model? I took a look at the website and found nothing about the pram. Thanks,

  2. Paul there is no keel and I don’t care for them as it usually equates to too much side to side rocker. The hull is flat but does have two welded chines for rigidity and tracking. Rogue Marine stopped building this boat and it’s becoming tough to find these light 8′ prams based on the Metalhead design.

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