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Hump day Lings: May 4th, 2011

After Sundays spectacular day on the water, ¬†I was eagerly looking for the chance to try my luck again. ¬†Getting to the boat launch was so problematic and I was an hour late due to draw bridges, traffic, wrong turns, construction. The folks with boats know this its really a pain to drive a fully loaded fishing boat through 1st Ave in Downtown Seattle. I finally made it to launch by 10:30 and we motored away towards the ‘shelf’ and proceeded to try out my new hybrid line that I created. I had purchased a 30′ shooting head of Tungsten 1000 grain line from a guy for $10. It was a brand new line, but pretty deep running and aggressive to throw. But I thought that this line would suit the bill as it sinks at a foot second and gets and keeps our heavy flies and I’m instantly fishing.

I dropped my rig and within the first drift, the line plowed down and a nice legal sized Ling was on! Once I released that one, within the 2nd or third pass, another one on. I’d finally found the right line and rod set up for this fishery. Today, I decided to put on the wt. and opted to fish my RPLXi 11 wt. which I use for blue water trips to Cabo. After the rod breaking episode, I don’t want to mess around nor do I want to break another 8 wt., so beef it called for, and beef it was!

I tried a new variation of fly as well, and it was a good choice, keeping the tail short, and stinger hook big, using a 4/0 saltwater Orvis chemically sharpened hook. Total tally was 7 Lings for me, Jeff will need to come back and get some payback for these bad boys, landing one on this video and also picking up a sea squirt as well.

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