Ling Quest: May 11, 2011

With the amount of boats and competition for the Ling Cod in the sound I wanted to get off the beaten path and explore some new water that might hold some fish. Its always nice to present the fly to a big Lingcod that has seen everything else, jigs, lures, darts, plugs, etc…  I am a firm believer that the fly has the right amount of movement and attraction that no other lure can generate. It also doesn’t hang up on the bottom like a jig does, so the presentation can be more natural like fleeing bait or a wounded fish.

Phil K. wanted to join me and we decided to launch in the south sound at Redondo to begin our quest. The boat launch is looking pretty crappy as currently there is only one lane for both launch and retrieve. The northern most lane is not even in the water and possibly under construction. This is one of the worst launches that I’ve used, period. The good thing is that its not salmon season and there wasn’t a line to launch or retrieve as this place gets to be a zoo come July – September.

We found some very fishy looking water, I won’t go into the details but we caught a little bit of everything out there and you can probably tell from the photos where we fished. Phil had a blast and is now a convert into the world of Lingcod fishing with a fly rod. I hope to get out a few more times to experiment with new techniques and locations in pursuit of the toothy fish that is so much fun to fish for on the fly.

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