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Trout and Snakes… May 17, 2011

Jeff H. had some great success last Sunday with the deep water chironomid fishing so I wanted to take a stab at it since the weather report was looking positive for today. Although there was a full moon, which is negative for fresh water fishing, I wanted to get the Rogue pram out and row a few laps around the track. I arrived on the lake at 10 am and there wasn’t too much of a visible hatch going on, no birds, no shucking emergers, no slurping fish. Jeff is a master of the deep water technique and he has a knack for figuring out where the fish are hiding.

We found many willing partakers and enjoyed the sunshine and warmer temps, although having a wading jacket was nice towards the afternoon as it got a little breezy and cooler. We fished primarily from 47-50′ of water and marked fish fairly consistently throughout the water column. I tried black, chrome, amber, but the black seemed to be the ticket for me, while Jeff likes his Amber bug which had seen better days. He claimed to have landed over 50 fish on that fly and it showed with ripped up thread, and pretty much falling apart, it was still catching fish until he decided to retire it towards the afternoon.

I also tried a micro leech in black and burgundy, as well as a water boatmen pattern with limited success. While I did land a few fish on the black leech, it seemed that the fish were pretty keen to the size 12 bombers coming off. Around noon we saw alot of shucks and the throat samples revealed some very nicely sized big Chironomids.

I tried out a mini tripod that I had for years, and it worked much better than the big tripod and takes up less space. Here are some videos…

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