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Evening Ling: May 18th, 2011

My goal during this 6 weeks of Ling season was to get into fish with each outing and we got into them tonite. I had some cabin fever today while it was sunny and 60+ degrees out I had to spend most of the day inside.  I watched my son and did chores around the house while also preparing dinner so that my wife wouldn’t have to cook. It was just too gorgeous to be inside so after dinner she encouraged me to get out and fish, which I accepted gratefully.  The traffic getting into Seattle took a bit longer than expected, but I got to the boat launch by 6:50 and had an hour before the high tide and with a clear sun in the sky and warmer temps I wasn’t too concerned as I wanted to try out this fishery under the evening skies just to cover all our bases.

I invited Jeff H. to join me as his prior Ling outing with me gave him no love for the prehistoric and toothy creature. I advised him to switch out his line, so he did, using a Rio shooting head with clear intermediate running line mated to his GLX classic 9′ 10 wt.  I was using my trusty Sage RPLXi 9′ 11 wt. and Rio 30′ T-1000 shooting head custom spliced to a Rio 20 lb running line. This ends up being a great dredging line for the deep work that is so necessary for a good Ling bite.

We got into our first drift and within minutes Jeff’s reel is singing and the tip of his rod is pulsing and a big smile of his face appeared. He said, ‘oh- yeaaaaaaah’ as this was a nice Ling holding onto his big and nasty fly.

We ended up fishing a bit longer than expected since Jeff didn’t get the memo about minding his fly line when the kicker motor is in gear.  About an hour later… with the prop off and a dropped in the sink cotter pin, we finally freed his now very chewed up line to fish again.  It was getting darker but the wind did calm down just like the NOAA report, so we fished a little longer to try a few new spots without much success.

What a wonderful Spring evening to be on the water and enjoying some time fishing for Ling Cod on the fly.  I’ll be trying out a new spot next week in week 4 of Ling quest, stay tuned…

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