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Jeff Head: July 24th, 2011

Although we had a busy weekend, we decided to bust out for a day on the water since the weather forecast was looking good, there was also not too big of a tide change and the moon and barometric pressure were all positive for salmon fishing. I woke up at 4 am to meet Phil K. and we busted out to Armeni to launch under a beautiful Sunday morning sky. The 20 minute run northwest to Jefferson Head would be smooth under clear skies and cool morning temps. We got to 120′ of water and dropped the downriggers: 40 and 100′ and began the troll with Q-Cove Cop car, and Green Dragon flashers and Ace Hi-fli and White lightning Coho Killer lures.

We weren’t alone with 30-40 boats in the vicinity all hoping for a chance at an early morning King or Coho at best. We trolled along the south tip of Jeff Head in range of water from 120′ to 260′. High tide was 6:40 am and thats when we got our hit with 125′ of cable out, the deep pulsing of the rod at first alerted me to a possible hookup with a King, but upon my revelation, was a decent sized resident Coho of 8-9 lbs.

The stomach contents revealed a steelhead that was un-lucky with the voracious silver that fell under its ultimate demise with the Kingfisher spoon. Around noon we pulled up to Kingston for a quick refuel of the kicker tank, but decided to quit on the trolling since it was pretty slow all morning.

We pulled our traps and had a few red rocks, but no keeper Dungees, so headed back with a couple of nice flounder as well. Great day to be on the water and even a dismal day fishing is far better then a stellar day at work!

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