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One last run: 9/24/2011

I should’ve listened to my gut but Phil K. wanted to get out for another shot at some Coho so we agreed to bust out for another stab at the Silvers.

Low tide was 8:40 am and it was a very low, 0.5 feet. We arrived at 7:40 and prepped for the hike out and saw about a dozen anglers already on the flats.

My hopes were high even though a report from the day prior indicated that the run was over and heavy winds would cause massive problems for casting and sighting fish.

Upon our arrival, we did see pods of fish moving up, but they were sluggish and on my first hookup, got into a Chum. Several fish later would also reveal themselves as being Chum, and my hopes were fleeting along with the incoming tide. Phil K. was able to engage into a 28″ hen that took the pink over white clouser. That would be the only fish for us and we only saw three other fish banked by two gear guys.

We look forward to the Coho return in 2012! It’s been a great run so far and now onto several other watersheds in search of more of the silvery creatures!





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Chilly Stilly: 9/21/11

I had a day off to hit the Stilly with Andy W. in search of some Coho. We found the Coho but they were lockjawed and we couldn’t bring them in face forward. The pinks however were more willing and we had a chance to play around and catch and released a few feisty humpty dumptys which loved the flies presented on the swing and twitched.

Rod: Scott S3S 9′ 8 wt. 4 piece
Reel: Galvan Torque 8
Line: Airflo Versatip 8 wt with clear intermediate tip and 6′ leader
Flies: #6 pink clouser, sparkle flash flies






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Coho Mojo: part 2, 9/16/2011

We left the day prior with some yearning for more action, so I decided to make a return rocket run in hopes that the natives weren’t netting.

Upon our arrival we didn’t see a boat in the bay so it was a positive sign of things to come. Today I would invite Jason D. to join me since he isn’t a big salmon guy and I knew his eyes would never see big coho swimming around like they do here.

We took the 10:35 ferry out of Kingston and arrived in time for the 1:54 low tide at 4.6 feet. We would be greeted with pods of Coho after Coho. What a stark contrast to the day prior and I was glad to have decided to make the run, which would probably be the last trip out.

We ended up getting our limits and picked up a nice hooked nose buck that pushed 14 lbs. It was colored up, but that’s ok as it’s fine for the smoker. On our way out, we encountered enforcement that was citing a couple of guys for snagging. He had been scoping those guys for an hour and even after all their complaining he issued the ticket.






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Coho Mojo: part 1

Dad and I wanted another stab at some Coho and the tides and time were ideal for another outing on Thursday the 15th. We grabbed the 9:35 ferry out of Kingston and headed west to our favorite spot.

Upon the help of Rick, a gear guy who knows the marine area well, suggested we approach the tide flats from a northern approach which makes the arduous hike alot easier. This was a great suggestion as I’d always been hoofing it for the bush whacking and maze of a hike through the westerly entrance. Rick takes all his vacation in mid August and September to fish and had a good knack for the run timing. He thinks the run is about completed but the tides were very high all next week and it would still bring in some of the biggest fish reaching the mid to upper teens. He said he started fishing the flats on August 18th and it was good from the get go.

Due to the netting in the bay for the past three days, the fishing was slower but I managed 4 Coho between 9-11 lbs. Since the low tide was 4.3 at 1:15 pm there wasn’t alot of time before the flood would cover the flat and the fishing would turn off.

I did meet Tom E. who is a member of the Overlake club and knows Chaz and Andy W. He had been fishing for a few days and had some coho to hand. I was a little taken back when he asked me if I was Paul K. and said he reads my blog. We chatted a little but by then, I only had a couple fish and needed to get a couple more to complete my limit. When I saw pods running, I had my eyes set on trying to nab them so we didn’t get to converse much.

Too bad for the netting, but perhaps there is a resource to find out when the schedule is, so I can avoid the run out in the future.

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Laborious Weekend Report: 9/3-9/5, 2011

My best friend from College visited us last week in hopes of re-kindling the pink fire that he so much enjoyed in 2009. This year he would be accompanied with his wife and would make it a vacation for a week with a few days in the sunshine coast in BC. The fun was all in the good crabbing and sunshine that we experienced, the fishing wasn’t too stellar as compared to 2009 but Mike and Bertie were able to get into fish which was nice. The point of the trip was to enjoy good company, good food, and plenty of laughter and good times. At least the crabbing was good with Phil K’s. hot spot location which produced a few limits of nice Dungeness crabs. Can’t wait to do it again in 2013! Here’s a nice compilation from Paul D. On the 2011 pink run, you’ll see Thao T. In the video about half way through.

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Barbie and the girls get it done: Sept 2nd, 2011

My 6 y.o. niece has been interested in fishing ever since I gave her a pink Barbie rod for her birthday. Since March she’s been begging me to take her out fishing. Wanting to ensure a high degree of success I waited for the opportunity to get her and my sister out for some Pink salmon action on the Duwamish.

I had crab pots out since the summer season would be over after Labor Day, but our focus was to get my niece into her first fish. After a little instruction, I had my sister casting like a pro on the lightweight trout rods I’d purchased from Walmart. The 6# test would test the limits of the pink salmon, especially the stronger males.

My sister lost a few but finally landed her first fish. My niece however had a tougher time casting and didn’t really mimic the desired retrieve that was needed to entice the salmon into biting. I had to cast for her and jig the rod and set the hook, but she did enjoy the fight momentarily and then lost interest when she had to reel and touch the fish.

We did coax her to put on the gloves for a glory shot. I’m not sure if she’ll want to go back but she said she enjoyed seeing the starfish and the crabs inside the pots. Everyone had a blast and I enjoyed watching the expressions on my sisters face as she fought several nice pinks from start to finish. She got a glimpse of why I love this sport so much and was inclined to venture out again in the near future.






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Cohito Mojito! Sept 1st, 2011

What can I say? I love Coho on the fly, so invited dad to hit the Oly Penn for some incredible and non stop action. Pictures tell a thousand words, but an hour b4 the low tide change was money.

GLX Classic 9.5′ 8 wt
Galvan torque 8
Airflo multitip with type 6 tip
Flash fly tied on Orvis saltwater hook







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