Barbie and the girls get it done: Sept 2nd, 2011

My 6 y.o. niece has been interested in fishing ever since I gave her a pink Barbie rod for her birthday. Since March she’s been begging me to take her out fishing. Wanting to ensure a high degree of success I waited for the opportunity to get her and my sister out for some Pink salmon action on the Duwamish.

I had crab pots out since the summer season would be over after Labor Day, but our focus was to get my niece into her first fish. After a little instruction, I had my sister casting like a pro on the lightweight trout rods I’d purchased from Walmart. The 6# test would test the limits of the pink salmon, especially the stronger males.

My sister lost a few but finally landed her first fish. My niece however had a tougher time casting and didn’t really mimic the desired retrieve that was needed to entice the salmon into biting. I had to cast for her and jig the rod and set the hook, but she did enjoy the fight momentarily and then lost interest when she had to reel and touch the fish.

We did coax her to put on the gloves for a glory shot. I’m not sure if she’ll want to go back but she said she enjoyed seeing the starfish and the crabs inside the pots. Everyone had a blast and I enjoyed watching the expressions on my sisters face as she fought several nice pinks from start to finish. She got a glimpse of why I love this sport so much and was inclined to venture out again in the near future.






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