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Coho Mojo: part 1

Dad and I wanted another stab at some Coho and the tides and time were ideal for another outing on Thursday the 15th. We grabbed the 9:35 ferry out of Kingston and headed west to our favorite spot.

Upon the help of Rick, a gear guy who knows the marine area well, suggested we approach the tide flats from a northern approach which makes the arduous hike alot easier. This was a great suggestion as I’d always been hoofing it for the bush whacking and maze of a hike through the westerly entrance. Rick takes all his vacation in mid August and September to fish and had a good knack for the run timing. He thinks the run is about completed but the tides were very high all next week and it would still bring in some of the biggest fish reaching the mid to upper teens. He said he started fishing the flats on August 18th and it was good from the get go.

Due to the netting in the bay for the past three days, the fishing was slower but I managed 4 Coho between 9-11 lbs. Since the low tide was 4.3 at 1:15 pm there wasn’t alot of time before the flood would cover the flat and the fishing would turn off.

I did meet Tom E. who is a member of the Overlake club and knows Chaz and Andy W. He had been fishing for a few days and had some coho to hand. I was a little taken back when he asked me if I was Paul K. and said he reads my blog. We chatted a little but by then, I only had a couple fish and needed to get a couple more to complete my limit. When I saw pods running, I had my eyes set on trying to nab them so we didn’t get to converse much.

Too bad for the netting, but perhaps there is a resource to find out when the schedule is, so I can avoid the run out in the future.

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