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Coho Mojo: part 2, 9/16/2011

We left the day prior with some yearning for more action, so I decided to make a return rocket run in hopes that the natives weren’t netting.

Upon our arrival we didn’t see a boat in the bay so it was a positive sign of things to come. Today I would invite Jason D. to join me since he isn’t a big salmon guy and I knew his eyes would never see big coho swimming around like they do here.

We took the 10:35 ferry out of Kingston and arrived in time for the 1:54 low tide at 4.6 feet. We would be greeted with pods of Coho after Coho. What a stark contrast to the day prior and I was glad to have decided to make the run, which would probably be the last trip out.

We ended up getting our limits and picked up a nice hooked nose buck that pushed 14 lbs. It was colored up, but that’s ok as it’s fine for the smoker. On our way out, we encountered enforcement that was citing a couple of guys for snagging. He had been scoping those guys for an hour and even after all their complaining he issued the ticket.






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