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Coho sightings




It was a beautiful fall day and after my son’s dentist appointment, I decided to take a peek at the Soos Creek hatchery to see how the Coho numbers were looking. So far, there have been some 8471 adults that have returned and from that 4630 on hand in the concrete pond. It never ceases to amaze me at the journey that these fish have made. ¬†It was nice to show my son some Coho and capture a few photos and video of the moment. ¬†Although this isn’t a fishing report, I found a nice article written by Tom Nelson about ‘matching the hatch’. Even though I primarily fish 90% on the fly, its a helpful reminder to know the bait in order to target the quarry.


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Chum run: 10/21/2011

Tom E. Sent me a note that the Chums in Johns Creek were thick and he had a good time the day before with Chas W. On his first outing to that watershed near Shelton. Since I haven’t fished Johns’ creek before, I decided that I needed a day of therapy so made the 1.5 hour run south.

Johns’ is accessed via the 101 towards Shelton and then north on the 3 about 6 miles paralleling Oakland bay. Take a right when heading north on the 3 right after the Golf course there is a sign for Public Fishing. You will need a Discover Pass to park, so be aware.

We arrived at 10:30 and took the 10 minute walk towards the south east where there were anglers of all sorts standing on the gravel bar and fishing from boats. There were many signs of fish in the bay as jumping Chum porpoises and slashed around. Some of those fish were brightly colored but a majority were coloring up and showed their characteristic barred bodies.

Jeff H. Was already fishing but had a bit of a spill prior to making his first cast. Be aware… If you fish the narrow point there is a steep drop off and I almost took a swim when I lost a step but was able to catch the ground. Jeff wasn’t as lucky, he went for a swim in the cool waters and filled his waders with salt brine.

I planted myself near him and started peppering casts in the perpendicular direction of the Chum that were staging and moving towards the creek mouth. The combination of incoming tide and river flow mixing made this estuary feel more like a river then it did a still bay. The boat fishermen were drifting anchovies under floats and others were throwing corkies and yarn.

Within my 15th or so cast my line went tight and I had my first fish on a smallish hen which didn’t put-up much of a fight. I quickly snapped and photo and back into the water she went. A few more casts would bring a couple of fouled fish and one more better fighting buck that took me into the backing.

Tom E. Was on the gravel bar along with 20 of his best friends, so I decided to scope it out. I found a slot between two fly fishermen and made some casts The tide was on the move and crested over the bar creating a nice rip where the fish were holding below. It became a little too close for comfort when a angler would hookup as there was no
Place to land a fish unless one walked back towards the mainland dodging the masses. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but I did manage to nab a few while on the bar.

All in all, it wad great to get out and feel the power pulls of the mighty chum. Even though it rained most of the day, I was warm and dry inside! I felt bad for Jeff as he looked like a giant prune by the time we packed up which was at 2:15.

In the 4 hours I fished I hooked 18 fish. 9 were fare hooked, 3 were fouled and the rest never did see as I was using small and sparse flies. I am a fan of small non descript clousers on bead chain eyes fished at the end of a full clear Camo line. I dont know if ill approached Johns again on foot but might consider it from a pram. I didnt care for the shoulder to shoulder crowds, but the action was a heck of Alot better than Chico creek and to potentially get into some bright fish was enticing.

Rod: 9’6″ GLX classic 8 wt
Reel: Galvan Torque 8
Line: Cortland Clear Camo
Leader: 6′ custom tied down to 15# Maxima.
Flies: size 6 beadchain clousers in charteuse, white and black.

Sounds like the Ugly Bayliner guys also followed suit and I had noticed another boat that had just anchored up as we packed up and left the scene of the crime.






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