Johns Creek: 11/2/2011

Hearing some positive reports that there were fresh fish at Johns prompted us to make a run down to give it a try. It’d been two weeks since I’d fished it and I was pleased with the numbers of fish and their aggressiveness. High tide was at 1:20 pm with a 14’+ tide change which was similar to the timing two weeks ago.

We took the highway 16 route to Belfair and south on the 3 to Shelton. I’m not sure if it saved time or the distance was less but it was more scenic then taking the I-5 Olympia route. We arrived at 10 am and proceeded towards the water to find an incoming tide and rising and porpoising fish.

Within a few casts all of us: Jeff H.
Andy W. and I hooked up with some feisty chums. It remained good with the hour before and after the high tide bringing in the staging schools of fish. Some of these pods were larger than I’ve seen before at Chico creek or at Hoodsport. Most of the brighter fish were females that ran smaller in size around 4-5 lbs and the larger males were in the 7-10 lb range.

My black bead chain clousers worked well but I did change up colors to green and orange without much success. I landed 6 fish and lost 4. A few times that I thought I had snagged a fish it was surprising to find that they were indeed fair hooked. These fish are hard fighters and really put the test to our rods. Not sure that we’ll venture back as other runs are starting up but it’s nice to find some biting fish.

I must say that Johns creek is a dangerous place for Jeff. Two weeks ago he fell in the water at the start if the morning and spent the rest of the day wet, cold and soggy. Today while fighting and coincidentally losing that fish he lost his balance and went for another swim, submersing the top of his waders and filling them up with 50 degree salt brine. At least it happened at the end of the day but it was a wet ride home for him. Next time he should bring a full wetsuit…

Rod: Scott S3S 9′ 8 wt.
Reel: Galvan T-8
Line: Cortland clear Camo intermediate
Flies: Clousers size 6 in black, orange, green












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3 thoughts on “Johns Creek: 11/2/2011

  1. jamestetrick

    hi paul, jim tetrick here.chuck gave me your website and its a great site.I bought a head cam and am going to try videos also.will have to talk about it with you.i went with chuck to lone and got 4 on chronmids and bloods.other than that not much.I see you and jeff have been out quite regularly.lets try to hook up some time this spring and fish pass or lone.

    • Hey Jim! Sounds good. Jeff was at Lone a couple weeks ago and did ok. This year is going be a little tougher for me to fish as we had our second son who is 2 months old. I am getting out on March 1st and 2nd to fish Lenice and Nunnally if you and Chuck are free, would be nice to have you gents along. I haven’t used the Go Pro camera but think it would make for some nice videos. Hope to fish with you in the near future.

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