Looking for our friends: Chum run, Dec. 1st, 2011

Jeff and I wanted to scope out some local chum in the Green but wasnt too successful. I did foul hook one near Whitney Park. We did see a feeder creek just chock full of chums but no signs of fresh fish. We decided to head out to Hoodsport the next day to give our try for some fresher fish.

We arrived at high tide, which was 10 am. There was one fisherman and he was barking out that the fish were lock jawed. Upon my first cast, I connected with a hen that was SDR’d. Haha!

A bad sign was no presence of schooling fish in the bay and just some dark fish milling in the receding waters as they were staging to enter the hatchery creek. We hung around for a couple hours and caught, foul hooked, and released a few chums. This got pretty boring after awhile so decided it wasn’t going to happen and packed up after noon. I don’t think it would’ve improved with the low tide. Perhaps the netting wiped it out last night? We noticed upon our arrival that there was a commercial opp in the hatchery craning out the excess fish from the hatchery creek. In speaking with the operators they collected 2600 fish from the creek and up river near the intake. The neighbors complain about the rotting salmon as there have been up to 5000 fish in the creek and you can imagine the chumaroma that comes off in the town of Hoodsport. Probably not very welcoming for visitors.

It was a cold day, foggy in the morning but it became sunny once the marine layer burned off. I don’t know how many more days I can manage before my wife is due but will try to get out at least a couple more times. I can still appreciate getting out to fish even if I don’t catch what I’ve intended. The tug is the drug!






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