Nisqually float: 12/13/2011

Had some rogue reports of chums in the Nisqually, so Jeff and Phil decided to do some exploring and try drifting this river. The Nisqually is a freestone river that is a product of Mt. Rainier, which makes it run cloudy with the glacial minerals in the runoff.

Our trip down was a cold drive as the morning temps hovered in the low 30s and sheets of black ice were covered down my hill. Once we got onto the freeways it was smooth driving and we made it to Mounts road in an hour. Our plan was to launch from the Centralia Power plant, a hydro electric plant off power house road and the 510 Yelm highway to the Riverbend campground. This float appeared to be over 10 miles, with the flows hovering under 1000 Cfs, it would be a relatively moderate float with little froggy water but lots of obstacles.

The fishing isn’t opened until downstream of the military tank crossing bridge. We did see a soldier on the Lewis side playing a darker chum and thought to ourselves that it was going to be a good day. As we scanned the water for chum activity and actively fishing under a float or stopping and swinging a fly there was no evidence of fish activity. Despite the fact that it was a netting day for the natives, we would have thought that at least a few fish made it past and hanging out at some very likely runs.

Jeff did momentarily have one fish on as did I, but it wasn’t enough to call it a good catching day. A nice day to be cold, enjoy some scenery, view a couple dozen eagles along the drift and experience a new launch.









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2 thoughts on “Nisqually float: 12/13/2011

  1. Joe

    What’s going on why no new reports since 12/14/11? Why aren’t you fishing, are you wimping out in this weather? What’s going on? You’re wife got you by the collar? Come one now, I thought you were the “FISHERMAN!”

    • Been busy keeping up with the newborn and a 2 year old… fished Pass lake last week and gearing up to make a run to the Eastside for the trout opener next month. Are YOU fishing?!??!!

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