Ling Cod On The Fly Rod!!! May 2nd, 2012

After yesterdays windy and brutal conditions Rob and I decided that we needed some redemption by giving it a good go. I had almost completed my adjustments and repairs to the new boat and wanted to get her out on the sound to see how she would handle the wind, waves, tides and currents.  Today we would be joined by Dov Y. as I promised to take him Ling fishing last year, but never got a chance to connect.  He happened to be off along with Rob being on vacation, we decided to rendevous at the launch at 8:30 am.  The tide was I believe low around 8:50 am at 2’3″ and there were a few more rigs with empty trailers already at the parking lot.

We quickly loaded the boat, assembled our rods, and fired up the motor for the sound crossing that would take us to some new waters that I had a hunch some big Lings would be willing to chomp our well presented flies.  There were two other boats already fishing when we arrived and guys were jigging and using live baits to entice the Lings to bite.  Since the boat is an open floorplan it was nice to move around as we could all cast somewhat comfortably with a little instruction and good timing.  Rob was the first to connect with a nice Ling of keeper size, then I would connect, and then later Dov would hook up after a little help with his fly set up and instruction on the strip technique.  I really think these Lings like having the flies presented at a certain depth, speed and action as we ended the day with a double hook up by Rob and Dov as they landed two nice Lings that were caught on the stop, pause and change of direction.  I had a blast watching these guys as they coaxed  these toothy creatures with a well presented fly/jig.

We landed a total of 22 Ling Cod ranging in size from 21″ to 36″.

Dov: 7, largest Ling of 36″

Rob: 7

Paul: 8

After we boated a Ling we’d take turns driving the boat so that the other two could focus on fishing, it worked out nicely apart from the Lunds’ idle which was running a little low. The motor would die and I believe the jets and carbs needed a good hearty running to clean them out. I’d put a 16 oz. bottle of petroleum distallate carb cleaner thru the original gas and topped it off with premium octane gas so that it would help clean out whatever junk was in the carbs.  By the end of the day, the motor was running nicely, and once back at home I adjusted the idle.  As much as I wouldn’t mind being out again tomorrow, I do have some work that I need to complete, so perhaps I’ll look towards Friday to get back on the water in search of these deep water beauties!

Rod: Sage RPLXi 9′ 11 wt

Reel: Galvan Torque 8

Line: Rio Coldwater 0.030 intermediate running line with Rio high density sinking head

Flies: Articulated leeches in Olive, Purple, White, and Red

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