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All we like Sheep have gone astray…

Blogging takes an interesting turn. Many of my readers and friends know how much I love welded aluminum 8′ prams. So much that I may an obsession for these Almarco prams made by Redwood Welding Service in Crescent City, CA. I found another boat in the bay area and made arrangements to pick it up next week when we visit San Fransisco. In that month between finding that boat I received an email from a gentleman in Montana asking how much those prams might be worth as he’d been doing a search and stumbled upon my blog. I curiously inquired about the boat and asked him to describe it to me and indeed it was a real Almarco. Sight unseen I knew I had to have another one and made arrangements for Montana transfer services to ship it out to me from Missoula. Maybe I am the pram Shepard or just crazy. My wife thinks I am already and can’t believe that she puts up with me as it is!

On that note, I’d like to introduce my new saltwater machine. I knew that the Lund wouldn’t be enough to satisfy my quench for bright ocean salmon or fly caught Ling Cod. Someone made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse, so I parted with the Lund and within a week later I found the sweet gem I’d been searching for. This is a very special boat as it started out as a 17′ Sea Runner. I purchased it from the original owner he is 74 years old and loves to fish! He babied the Hewescraft and it had some special options as the boat lovers out there could only recognize. Custom made extended transom with full diamond plate floors with all the standard marine plywood removed. Garmin GPS with dual sounders, the main power plant is served by the Honda 4-stroke 75 Hp motor and my first Yamaha T8 with full throttle, electric trim, start and helm controls. It’s even got a custom rocket launcher arch and additional welded bow rails which are perfect for the bow positioned fly caster. The extended transom adds about 2 more feet of fishing space inside and with the smaller more fuel efficient motor the range on this boat is going to be fantastic! They fished three days in Sekiu without having to fill up and had plenty of fuel left to fish two more days. From the variable degree hull with 34 entry degree angle to 18 midship and 13 degree dead rise make this a stable yet effective slicer of big waves and ocean swells. The one thing that makes it a bit more challenging is the tandem axle EZ Loader trailer. It definitely isn’t the easiest to maneuver around in my driveway and the wide axles and additional length are making it rough. I do miss my Arima with its lighter weight and easier fitment into my driveway. I’ve got to wire up the Scotty 1106’s I picked up last fall and it should be ready to go come the salmon opener.









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A Taco Fiesta! 5/16/12

I had a rough couple of days and needed some liquid therapy. The only kind that siestas are made of… Jeff H. and Mark Y. Had been experiencing some fantastic days on the Snake. They’d leisurely arrive around noon, set up the anchors in 40-42′ of water and proceed to put some pain on some rainbow trout lips. Both Mark and Jeff have become excellent students of the vertical fishing method and have fooled a many trout on their Chironomid patterns. There was an excellent bomber hatch of size 10-12 red ribbed Chromers and while it wasn’t visible on the surface the trout were feasting on these jumbo bites. I got to the lake around 11:30 and just as I got there, Jeff was pretty much set up and getting ready to row out. We started marking fish around 37′ and decided on anchoring down and tie on some proven patterns. Within minutes we both had take downs and some silvery colored holdover fish that folded our rods on the violent grabs. While I didn’t get any shots of the fish it was a beautiful sunny but slight chilly due to the southerly winds. I finally left had to pack up around 4:30 to go pick up my son but it was nice to get out for 4 hours and in the end I landed 18 fish between 12″-16″. I’m sure Jeff was into 20+ fish and Mark wasn’t too far away from those numbers. I did take a photo of Jeff’s Chironimid box a nicely artistic array of some very effective bugs. That box is priceless as it probably has many hours on and off the tying bench coming up with materials and designs that mimic the trouts natural diet sources. The beauty of this fishery is that it’s so close and when you’re up there seems like you’re in the middle of the BC interior lakes or on vacation. It’s peaceful, quiet, no road noise or homes around the lake like Pass or Lone lakes and there are plenty of nicer sized fish. I can probably say that the quality of this lake has improved with it going to catch and release.




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