One last fLing: June 10th, 2012

With the local Ling cod season coming to a end on Friday, I wanted to get the new boat out for a spin on the water in search of some players. Jeff H. and Phil K. would accompany me and this time, would hit up some new water to the north as I wanted to test out the flies in MA9.  Once we were on the road, the nice weather must’ve brought all the sun seekers out from the cracks as the roads and parks were pretty crowded.  Having the west seattle bridge closure didn’t help things as the plan was to launch from Shilshoal and motor north. Once on the water we got onto plane and headed to our destination to pick up Phil K. We threw out our flies against the jetty in search of a biter. I had a few nice rockfish come up for a nibble and for a brief moment had a Ling on, but somehow came unbuttoned?!?! Ideally having three aboard the boat is nice as we rotate when someone catches a fish, then they get to drive the boat, help net, photograph and make sure that the casting anglers are well oriented for optimal success.  I wanted to try out a fishy spot and told Phil and Jeff to throw their flies to that place and retrieve. Within the second cast, Phil was hooked up, he didn’t seem that enthusiastic as the fish wasn’t spooling out line, perhaps just didn’t realize it was hooked. Once he got the fish onto the reel, it took off and we could tell it was Ring a Ling time. After a couple minutes the fish subdued and a nice 32″ Ling came to the net. We all picked up fish, but were too small, seems like as we get later into the season, all the legal sized fish are snapped up and the big females may have  swam into deeper waters having finished their spawning duties.

It was great to get fish to the new boat as it hasn’t struck out yet, hoping to get to Westport this coming week in search of King Salmon, the reports have been epic so far and seeing the photos and hearing the stories has definitely got my attention. Thank you Ling Cod! Its been a memorable and wonderful 2012 experience!

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