Not too shabby on the crabby: July 12th, 13th

July 1st is marked by the season opener for the Summer crab in Puget sound. We enjoy the sweet meat and delicate texture of our local crab. I like to soak my pots over night and prefer salmon scraps over poultry as the intense flavor of the salmon and scent of fresh salmon carcass really draws in the crab.

Prior to crabbing season I systematically go through my pots checking for missing parts, weights, and lines to ensure a trouble free and easy operation for the season. As I look forward to Monday July 16th and the opener for clipped King Salmon retention I think about how blessed I am to be living in a place where I can enjoy the fruitti de mari, Italian for seafood or essentially the fruits of the sea! We enjoy salmon, crab, halibut, clams, and it’s especially a treat when we’ve caught it ourselves.

Yesterday Ching W. and I dropped the pots and baited them well with sockeye scraps. Just after a 1 hour soak we limited easily with some nice Dungeness that measured up to 7 1/2″ on the top shell. I enjoy eating crab, but not every day, so it’s nice to share with my neighbors, friends and family.

After the 24 hour soak my dad and my sister joined me for the pull which also yielded 1 short of 3 limits, but a couple of nice males that will be tasty prepared at Kings restaurant this evening for family dinner.



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