Ketch-I-can’t: July 26th, 2012

We’ve docked in Ketchikan and I’ve decided to wake up early to grab breakfast and disembark the Rotterdam to try my luck with the salmon. I had some good tips from folks that visited Ketchikan and was hoping to find some biters close to the cruise ship since I was limited on time and had to be back before the kids and my wife woke up.

Just south east of the cruise terminal is a public marina and along the jetty entrance and from the bridge that crosses the river would be my likely location to find some fresh fish. Only armed with my 5 wt. pack rod and a box of saltwater flies for Coho and Chum I set out using my iPhone GPS to locate the marina and the inlet. There I would find a couple of locals who would be trying for the same thing. One guy was equipped with fly rod as he bumped the pink over white streamer pattern in the river current. There would be a few schools of weary chum that would come to take a peek at our flies but they were spooked by a seal who was chasing them around the marina. I don’t think the seal was hungry but playing a game with the salmon.

I’d also walk out to the jetty and swing a few casts in the currents but there weren’t enough schools around to keep my interest there so I explored some other locations in the marina for the sparse schools but wasn’t able to find any players.

For being the salmon capital of the world I wish there were a few of them that would connect with my offerings.

Since this was a family vacation we went back to the creek street bridge in the afternoon with the low tide and there were several schools of fish that made their way up and was surprising to see salmonids mixed together: mostly chum, some coho, and also some pinks. I had my rod with me but my licensed had already expired by that time and even so had thirty minutes before out final departure.









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