Skokomish River: 8/16/2012

After Wednesdays outing Ching and I wanted to get back out for another chance at the Skok kings. We met up at 7:15 and left promptly to arrive at the river by 9 am. After suiting up and proceeding to walk out the mood was somber with no fish on the bank from other anglers and no signs of schooling fish. As I surveyed the anglers in the estuary it was pretty bleak with most folks standing around hoping for a chance that the fish would enter the river. We spotted a couple of fish towards a south channel and proceeded that direction but one fish was caught and another made it past being a smaller 7-8 lb fish.

I finally had a shot at a fish but it was fouled and back it went as it zipped back down into a deep water hole below. It was a waiting game as the low tide approached of 10:52 and -0.8′ about 30 prior to this a pair of chrome fish entered the run and made their way upstream only to fall prey to my purple haze Matzuo sickle fly. The bled weight came out to 9.1 lbs, so probably close to 10 lbs wet. I also weighed in the two fish from the previous day and the larger was 17.8 lbs and the smaller was 12.6 according to my digital scale. They were bled and put on ice so another pound was probably the correct weight for those two. They made for a fine dinner grilled up and enjoyed with some black cod that I marinated and barbecued as well. Oh how I love summer King salmon!

Today’s fish would be destined for the smoker as I’ve not prepared King salmon for the smoker and was anxious to fire up the ol’ Masterbuilt for the 2012 season.

Rod: Sage RPLXi 9′ 12 wt. 3 piece
Reel: Galvan Torque 8
Line: Airflo Multi tip





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One thought on “Skokomish River: 8/16/2012

  1. Jeff

    Very nice….salmon on the fly; love it.

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