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Slivers of Silvers: 8/20/2012







Invited Rob D. to join me for some Coho action on the OP. We
up at 8 am and left Seattle for the 2+ hour drive out towards Sequim. There were a few other anglers waiting for the tide change but very few fish to be seen. Each year the river changes slightly and a new channel formed with heavy weed growth. As we approached a couple of coho escaped through the green lined weed bottom in a deeper slot, which was un reachable with our flies.

We waited patiently until we sighted schools of 2-5 fish per pod as they entered into the river. It was a sight to behold as Rob’s eyes were amazed at the sight of chrome Coho rushing in from the salt. The fish are running smaller, about 5-7 lbs but the meat and row are among the very best I’ve seen with these fish. 2 of the 3 fish I got were female and Robs fish was also a female. Thinking those bigger to upper teen males will be coming later next month, and we are highly anticipating their return. It wasn’t a skunking and we had a blast even if it wasn’t two full limits.

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