Port Townsend and beyond… 8/30/12

I had been itching to visit Port Townsend as I’ve heard great things about its Victorian homes, big vista views, rich history of nearby Fort Worden, and of course great fishing with Point Wilson and mid channel bank and Marrowstone island.

This is the time of year that we like to head out to the Olympic peninsula I get our fill of Coho salmon for the smoker and barbeque. Since its tough for me to get a stretch of consecutive days off to be able to fish I booked one of the non commissioned officers homes at Fort Worden as its an easy drive to the beach and to the river. There are many charming shops and restaurants, galleries and romantic Victorian style homes surrounding Water street of the down town. The eclectic mix of artists, poets, modern hippies and families all seem to blend nicely. Even the public restroom was architecturally significant and was about the cleanest and most efficient place I’ve seen. Later my wife told me that the town has the highest registration of Prius per capita in the nation and the number of solar powered homes is also notable. It’s a Eco- friendly, hip, swanky, and charming town that has the bonus of great fishing all within a stones throw! I was telling my wife that I could see ourselves retiring here or at least visiting more often.

Today was a slower day fishing wise than I was hoping for as the Coho didn’t seem to rush up in big schools. Mostly it was one or two fish at a time. There were many people fishing but mostly standing around waiting for the fish. I had to really work for the fish and ended up with 5 for the smoker between dad and I. Most of them were cookies cutter in size, 4-6 lbs but there was what appeared to be a larger buck but upon filleting found eggs and would estimate the hen at 8-9 lbs, as it had some girth to her.

My mom took the heads and make salmon soup, an amazingly rich and flavorful broth of the heads meat reduced to a creamy concoction, warmed the heart and soul for sure! I brought my mobile fish processing stuff and have 4 fish brining for the smoker and 1 we kept to make spicy Korean fish soup for our dinner tonite.

After our dinner we took a walk around the hill and saw the old bunkers and Batteries that were built into the hillside to protect against intrusions into Washington. Dad and I will he’s back out today in hopes that the run numbers will improve with the full moon. We met with Ching W. and Tom E. yesterday and Tom already had a fish on while Ching was hoping to scratch out his first Coho on the fly. As the tide change came and the into the flood and push of fish came and I sighted a fish in front of Ching. Giving him some instruction he was able
to entice that Coho and next thing it was laying in the beach with Ching grinning from ear to ear! He was pumped up and could see the look of relief and joy on his face. That made the experience all the more rewarding and enjoyable for dad and I. Hoping that we have a few to hand today and tomorrow.

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