The First and Last day: 9/1/2012

Having a limited day dad and left after a hearty brunch at the Fort Worden Commons and set out at 10 am with the tide flats in mind. Hoping that it was going to be a repeat of yesterday we we just wanting to get in and out with our Coho, but we found out that it took a bit of work to locate and sift though the 1-2 fish and the 40-50 other anglers which showed up in force with the same intentions.

Since our time is precious, when it was evident that the fish wouldn’t make the run, we high tailed it out towards the bay to intercept them versus stand and wait for the possibility that they’d come. Tom E. made it out around 10 am and was already hiking out and I saw him and made the same plan to hike it downstream. The wind was blowing pretty hard and caused the water to get stirred up with silt. This put off a murkiness in the water, that coupled with the white caps made it more difficult to view the fish but I was able to pick off a few fish with one nice hen of 9 lbs.

Even with the tide change and incoming tide it was evident that it wasn’t going to happen so we packed up around 12:30 to make the hike and drive back up to Port Townsend to pick up my wife, boys and mom. We ended with 4 keeper Coho with 1 that was fouled an released.  What a fantastic three days in the Olympic Pennisula with great food, wonderful sights of some decent fishing.

The drive back home was easy with a little bottle neck traffic in Tacoma but otherwise it was 60 mph all the way. A dinner pit stop in Federal Way’s Palace restaurant hit the spot with assorted grilled meats and side dishes, Korean style!

Rod: Sage RPLXi 9′ 8 wt

Line: Airflo multitip

Fly: Pink Hootchie Hooker






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