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Beautiful day: 11/15/12

I was in serious need of some downtime but was limited to just a few hours so what better option than to head out in search of some Beaver Lake triploids?

The weather had been on and off so today was no exception and the warm November sunshine and the crisp fall air was just what the doctor prescribed for an attitude adjustment. Since all my gear was scattered about the garage I decided to borrow my friends Livingston and electric trolling motor. I’d meet up with Jeff Hu. on the water and we decided to move to the far northeast end of the lake as reports had been good for fish that were rising and feeding on chironomids.

I didn’t have a sounder or anchor, but was able to borrow Jeff’s spare anchor and stay close to him to monitor the depths while catching up with him in good conversations. A few dark fish porpoised while we were anchored up but as usual wasn’t able to get them interested in a stripped fly. I rigged up a chironomid set up on my 5 wt. bloodworm/chromed set up. There were small grey adults flying around and saw a few large shucks on the surface, so knew the recent planters were already keyed in on the naturals.

This day was about getting some fresh air and relaxing and was glad to have borrowed my friends boat as the center section is a great platform to lay down and catch a few Zzzzzz’s. I sent a bloodworm down on the integrated sink line, stripped up a foot and wrapped the fly line around my arm and took a nice nap. I really value the peace and quiet especially after leaving a house full of screaming boys.

After a quick cat nap I decided it was time to focus. The sink line wasn’t giving me or Jeff any love, so rigged the floating line and indicator for a try along the lily pad shoal. After 10-20 minutes and making multiple casts retrieves I noticed out of the corner of my eye the indicator taking a nose dive and going into the depths. I set and was pleasantly greeted by some runs of the fly line and a nice chunky 17″ Beaver triploid. I quickly took a throat sample and released the fish. I found daphnia and what appeared to be an 16 legged beast about 1 cm long with two forked tail. Will have to look that one up as I’d never seen that before. Guess it’ll be another couple days before the fish are really keyed in on the naturals but it was good to get that one fish since it appeared to be slow for many of the other anglers today.

I didn’t care if I caught a fish or not, it was nice to get out and the calm sunny day even though for 3 hours was so worth the effort. Not sure when I’ll make it out again as its crunch time for the new office space and ongoing landscape and home improvement process. Once I get things settled out it would be nice to throw a couple crab pots out and spend a day trolling for Possession bar black mouth.






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Beautiful Beaver: 11/7/12

The first week of November is an annual tradition for me as it marks the triploid plants at Beaver Lake. The weather had cleared and the sun shined as Todd B. an Jason D. reported some decent fishing with 7 fish to the net. While the fish were dark have come off the spawn and milting when handled, they offered some nice tugs and a few fish jumping a few times and taking some nice runs of the fly line.

I fished from 1-3 with several takes but only 2 fish that I landed. The fish weren’t as aggressive as in years past but the warm sunshine and the time spent with some friends was worth getting out.

Rod: Redington Classic Trout 9′ 5wt
Reel: Feathercraft SLA3
Line: Rio Outbound with clear intermediate integrated tip
Flies: Mickey Finn, Olive bead head Woolley buggers, white rabbit fur leech, and hot head egg sucking leech.








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Dirty Center Pinup 11/1/2012

I’ve had a bad case of fish-i-tis and needed some redemption. What more punishment than heading out in traffic and rain and up to the hills to gruel it out pounding the water for a chance at some metal heads.

I wanted to try out a new to me Centerpin rod that I purchased last summer and was wanting to get wet and this was the day. The flows looked high and I knew the river would be blown and high but also knew that there might not be anyone else up there and I’d have a couple hours to practice the craft.

Within about my two dozenth cast and dead drift along a promising seam the indicator took a nose dive, I set and lifted and I had fish on! At first it didn’t seem like a salmon or steelhead as it didn’t move much but when I applied some pressure all heck busted loose with a few fiery runs and then the hen go into the swift water took a big leap and said see ya and threw the hook. After another 10 dozen casts and well working the seam and fishy water I wasn’t able to coax another takedown so I packed up and headed to pick some Chantrelles and make it back early so I could prepare teriyaki Coho and cream of Chantrelle bisque with fresh bread and spinach salad. I’ll be back next time with a better practiced casting arm.

Rod: Okuma Guide Select 13′ pin rod
Reel: Okuma Adventa
Line: Chartreuse hi-float
Fly: Pink Bacon and eggs.






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