Dirty Center Pinup 11/1/2012

I’ve had a bad case of fish-i-tis and needed some redemption. What more punishment than heading out in traffic and rain and up to the hills to gruel it out pounding the water for a chance at some metal heads.

I wanted to try out a new to me Centerpin rod that I purchased last summer and was wanting to get wet and this was the day. The flows looked high and I knew the river would be blown and high but also knew that there might not be anyone else up there and I’d have a couple hours to practice the craft.

Within about my two dozenth cast and dead drift along a promising seam the indicator took a nose dive, I set and lifted and I had fish on! At first it didn’t seem like a salmon or steelhead as it didn’t move much but when I applied some pressure all heck busted loose with a few fiery runs and then the hen go into the swift water took a big leap and said see ya and threw the hook. After another 10 dozen casts and well working the seam and fishy water I wasn’t able to coax another takedown so I packed up and headed to pick some Chantrelles and make it back early so I could prepare teriyaki Coho and cream of Chantrelle bisque with fresh bread and spinach salad. I’ll be back next time with a better practiced casting arm.

Rod: Okuma Guide Select 13′ pin rod
Reel: Okuma Adventa
Line: Chartreuse hi-float
Fly: Pink Bacon and eggs.






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