Nisqually Spring Creek: 1/3/13

Since this time of year brings out the cabin fever with fishermen it was time to hit the water again. After a couple of unsuccessful outings to the Snoqualmie river for unicorn steelhead I also needed some re-assurance that all is right in the Piscatorial world. Phil K. and Rob D. also needed some time on the water as they been working hard. Nothing beats a day on the water, well unless it’s a sunny day on the water when everyone is catching fish.

While the sun was shining it wasnt without the cold. As the morning temp was 25 degrees at the house as we left at 9 am with Nisqually in our sights 45 minutes later. The drive down was smooth and ice free. When we arrived the ground was frozen and ice crystals on the vegetation. I was concerns about the lack of hatch but was hopeful due to the fact that the sun was shining and was nice to have some vitamin D while enjoying the solitude with a couple friends.

I made my way around the creek to the bend where I believe to be the best locale for fish as its exposed to the most winter sunlight and the best insect hatches. There always seems to be an abundance of water boatmen at this location and I think the trout key on these along with the chironomid hatches.

Although the fishing wasn’t as good as previous outings we had a wonderful time. Rob D. Commented on the drive back that nothing relieves the stress like fishing does and it’s a great release for him. Phil and I both agreed and hope that we’ll be able to spend more time fishing into the new year.

I ended up with many 12-14″ fish with a couple that measured into 16-17″. Rob picked up a nice fish upwards of 20″ from what I could see along with double digits of the cookie cutter fish. Phil picked up a few but was a little rusty needing to dust off the cobwebs from
the corner of his eye as I know he missed several takes as they were very subtle. It will likely be the last outing to the spring creek as we all thought a trip to eastern WA would be a nice next outing.

Rods: Redington CT 9′ 5 wt and GLX HLS 10′ 5 wt
Lines: Airflo ridge floating and Orvis Wonderline
Flies: bloodworm (although it didn’t account for any fish this trip), black with red ribbed snow cone, and chromie. The red ribbed black snowcone accounted for the most fish caught for me.

I believe the action slowed after the owner visited with us in the afternoon. The water level was high as evidenced by the flooded casting platforms. After they opened the weir at the tail out there was a noticeable flow to the creek which I believe turned the bite off for whatever reason. It had been good up to that point for me as I picked up 6 fish in consecutive casts.

I was happy that Rob and Phil were able to get into a few fish as it brought some smiles and laughter for the three of us.





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