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Sunny Steel: 1/16/2013

Although the water conditions weren’t conducive for hunting steel I wanted to get out and get some sunshine and wet a line. Who knows, I might even get lucky?!?

Since I had cured a bunch of Coho eggs this summer it would be a shame if they went to waste. I also needed some more practice with the center pin rod and reel so I thought what the heck and made the drive out in search of some scales and sunshine. While it was bright out it was cold with air temps hovering around freezing and in some places a layer of low cloud cover and fog on the roadways.

The water was low and gin clear leading to the conclusion that it would be another fruitless outing. But I was determined to get the practice in and give it a go. Upon hitting the first run my buddy hooked up with several dark Coho that were trying to spawn. He was using a bobber and pink jig. While many of them were foul hooked he did manage to land a few in the mouth.

I didn’t get any action but continued on fishing with confidence knowing that my eggs were a good bet and if there were steelhead in the system that they wouldn’t be able to refuse my offerings. I waded down about 100 yards as I wanted to give my friend the better hole to plunk away but upon my visit to the lower hole found two other fishermen hitting that run hard. I made a few casts and drifts but abandoned it as one guy was snagging boot Coho and scaring any possible steelhead that might be locked up amongst them.

Back to the original run I revised my shot pattern and made a cast. This was the key as my eggs weren’t getting deep enough. Bobber down and the result was a nice hatchery brat of 8 lbs, perfect for tomorrow nights dinner!







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