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Lake Washington: part 2, 2/10/2013

After last weeks outing with Rob D. on lake WA I needed to figure out my failing kicker motor stat! When things aren’t working as they should be when it comes to my fishing gear especially my boat I am right on it. It took me a couple days to figure out the kicker motor issues but in the end it works and hopefully it won’t be of issue anymore.

The problem was a nasty clog in the water pipe uptake line just below the power head where it should enter the engine block. There must’ve been some residue from the salt water season. Nothing like a good catheterization to clean out the lines follow by a heavy steam of air water mix to unclog and unroot the deposits which prevented water from entering into the block to keep it running cool.

I had rebuilt the water pump last season but initially thought it was the upper water pump housing that went bad as the interface between the driveshaft was eroding due to the heat from last seasons episode of running it dry for 10 minutes causing the impeller to explode. After a new housing replacement it was still not peeing correctly?!?!

A thorough check for leaks or blockages throughout the engine block revealed a little residue blockage at the pee hole which was removed but still didn’t resolve the issue of lack of flow. I removed the thermostat, cleaned and tested it for normal operation. It all checked out fine, so the last area which I couldn’t see was the uptake pipe and interface below the power head. Since I couldnt get into the space I used some surgical tubing and a double action air pump that is typically used to inflate pontoon boats or float tubes. Filling the hose with water and steady but consistent pressure finally knocked free the clog and soon vaporized air/water steamed from the exit port tubing. What a relief as I saved a few hundred bucks from having to send it to the marine mechanic.

Now the fishing report which I’ve pre-drafted since I wasnt able to sleep very well the night prior as I was making a mental checklist for this mornings outing. I had lined up two spinning reels with new 10 lb Power Pro spectra and also filled up an old Penn level wind reel with 15 lb Maxima. I found a couple of good spinning rods which will work for cutt trolling along with a Shimano TDR 8′ medium duty rod that is perfect for the antique Penn reel.





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