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Last hurrah: 2/13/13

Since the steelhead closure is two more days away on most sound rivers I wanted to give it another go with the centerpin rod and reel. Trying to go fishing with two kids in diapers is no easy feat as I had to prep the boys and drop them off at daycare while I assembled my gear and made my way towards the hills. Even a bad day of fishing can be ok as its about the journey and the joy of getting out for some fresh air and scenery.

The temps were warm in the low 50’s as I made my way towards highway 2 and the drive was non eventful. I rigged up the pin rod with float and proceeded towards the river which was slightly up and had a little color which is a good thing. I was hopeful that the rains had pushed some fish into the runs and holes. After pounding a couple of well known spots I concluded that there were no fresh winter runs and after talking to a couple of locals even Reiter had been slow. I did feel more comfortable with casting and managing the reel buy also found myself tangled up a few times and trying to manage the line.

I didnt get skunked as two smaller male
Coho gobbled up the cured steelhead fire cure roe. It’s always exciting to connect when the bobber goes down and there is a tug and pulse at the end of the rod. Too bad it wasn’t what I was looking for but not a bad way to end the season.

I’ll be focusing on Stillwater for eastern WA basin trout next month so will be re-gearing up in preparation for chironomids and strike indicators.





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