Pass Lake: 3/7/13

After fishing last weeks eastern WA season opener I needed a Stillwater fix. If I had time I would’ve like to explore a new lake but it’s still a 2+ hour drive each way past Vantage. The next best thing on our side is either Pass, Lone or Rattlesnake lakes. I typically don’t fish pass until closer to April, but heard of good reports and decent chironomid hatches that the fish are keyed on and feeding heavily.

I had to see for myself and only had today to fish, so I packed up and head out at 7:30 for the hour and half drive north. The weather forecast called for partly sunny with 50% chance of rain. Rain it did, mostly the whole drive up with brief intermissions in Stanwood and approaching Pass Lake, but it would lightly sprinkle and then around noon it cleared.

Jeff Hil. had a meeting on oak harbor and needed an excuse to hitch up his pram and decided to meet me for some stillwater action. It’s too bad he had to leave early as the action picked up from 12:30 to 2 with a good size 18 hatch of black, olive, and chromed chironomids. I fished 25′ of water towards the eastern border of the lake. Water temp was 48 degrees while the outside temp when I rolled I to the parking lot was 53. There is a new concrete pad restroom at pass, a nice improvement over the outhouse in the woods.

Water clarity was pretty good and had the classic greenish color to the water. We fished at the point to start in 14-15′ of water. Jeff pulled a fish ther and then I did but it wasn’t hot and heavy action so it sent me searching for the fish. I tried the north rock wall, in front of the ranger residence, north bay without much success. I wasn’t marking any fish down but the sidewinder was picking up fish fairly regularly.

A couple of guys in Spring creek prams were doing ok so I opted to investigate. One guy in a white Hopper was doing fairly well in the 25′ of water. He knew the drill as he rowed to that spot at the beginning of the day and was still there when I pulled off at 3 pm. He had it dialed with numerous hook ups. I had to observe closely and after some adjustments I switched up to have my bugs 2′ off the bottom and then I was into the fish. Not a spectacular day but I landed 9 fish. Ranging in size from 15-18″.

Even though my time was limited I enjoyed getting out, better something versus nothing! Pass lake should be getting hotter as the water temp warms and the hatches intensify. I hope to fish it again soon as I’ve concluded it takes too much to fish eastern WA for just a day trip. I’ll have to save up my fishing days to do a multiple day trip.






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