Lenice: 3/15/13

I’ve fished this lake last year on the opener and wanted to go give it try hoping the crowds would calm down and the fish plentiful. Today must’ve been polar opposites as I only could wrangle up a few fish but the crowds were out in force. Not sure what to attribute the poor fishing other than I didn’t spot many fish on the sonar in the bottom. I wasnt fishing deep water so the lake don’t typically turn over. It could be that the populations of the trout didn’t winter over very well and or the WDFW hasn’t stocked it as well as in the last years? Or it just wasn’t fishing well as I believe to be a somewhat competent chironomid fisherman. Judging by the lack of activity I saw with the other fishermen anchored around me, I know it wasn’t me. In only saw five guys: 3 chironomid fishing and 2 pulling leeches pick up fish all day from my observations.

I am usually pretty tolerant of other fishermen but I had to explore the lake as the usual hangouts were occupied with pontoons, float tubes, plastic boats and prams. I counted 9 water craft all anchored by the islands but I have it a go as my first spot to try. I was rewarded with a feisty jumping bow that was very silvery and broad. I thought things were looking positive for the remainder of the day. It would be tough thereafter as the next bite didn’t come until 12:40 as I could see adult chironomids whizzing by in the wind gusts.

I moved around half a dozen times trying to locate these fish but they didn’t seem to be locked up at the bottom but a few were spotted on the side finder. I tried several different flies, different depths, different retrieves but couldn’t coax anything. Later the afternoon I spoke with a guy whom
I fished next to in the am , he said it was slow and he didn’t hook anything and didn’t see anyone get anything near him.

He pulled anchor and I took his spot in 8′ of water. It must’ve been feeding time as I landed two rainbows within minutes of him leaving. But then it was lights off. Everyone I talked to voiced the same results. I saw a few fish taken by the trollers but it wasn’t a double digit day. I ended up with 8 take downs but 6 landed with the largest pushing 20″ and football like. Fish were gorging on size 16 chromers, black red ribbed, 20 green bloodworms and even smaller red bloodworms. Water temp was 51 degrees as measured by my Fishin buddy 120.

The drive was smooth and I made record time both to and back only taking 2 hours door to parking lot. Pass temp was 37 at 7:30 am. Somehow the weather forecast called for 5-10 mph winds but it was more like 10-15 gusts which made for some tougher conditions. I was a bit turned off with the number of guys on the lake and even back at the parking lot a guy left his pontoon boat in front of the gate. I can roll my pram under the gate and he got irate when I moved his stuff since it was blocking the way.

This will be my last time fishing this lake. There are other lakes to explore and fish and I shouldn’t be fishing the one with the masses. While I didn’t catch the numbers I had hope for they made up in quality versus quantity with their multiple jumps, strength and size.

Rod: Winston LT 9′ 6 wt
Reel: Feathercraft SCLA3
Line: Orvis Wonderline

Music: Jason Aldean/Kelly Clarkson, Lady Antebellum. Something about country music and road trips, really puts the mood right when driving through the eastern WA landscapes.

Flies: size 18 snow cone bloodworm, amber ribbed chromer. I tried a few other proven flies but the fish seemed especially finicky.







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