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I’ll wont pass up on Pass! 3/27/13

On the second day of Spring it snowed in many parts of western Washington. The outlook for Spring time was looking poor last week but the return of sunshine and warmer weather had me thinking of Pass lake after my poor outing a couple of weeks ago. Pass can be a finicky lake to fish but once you’re dialed it can also be very rewarding.

I invited Rob D. to join me as I needed to get my Almarco pram out from storage and had picked up my double pram trailer and wanted to test it out. Since this was Robs first time fishing Pass lake he didn’t know what to expect but after a little coaching and having him fish anchored up to me he was soon in the Chromie Zone! Our first stop was on the launch cove where Jeff H. And Jim T. were catching up. As we got there it seemed like there was no more action as we couldn’t coax a take down. Next stop would be the point in 15-17′ of watering a nice muddy shoal. We both made our first casts and next thing you know Rob has a fish on! Beginners luck, I suppose?!?!

He essentially didn’t fish with a sonar, didn’t have hemostats to measure depth and was using a commercially tied fly, the black red ribbed snow cone. I had to catch up and that I did as we cat and moused it with the fish along with each other. We also tried the rock wall and in front of huge rangers home without finding the elusive brown trout that Rob has caught, yet.

The 12-14′ of water would only yield the smaller fish. Strong and feisty but not what we were looking for and often times pecking at the flies leading to many false positive takes. We wrapped up back at the point, at the first bay next to the launch, and the tree line area near the launch on the north side in 16-17′ of water.

We capped the day with a nice meal at Bobs burgers and Brew located near Tulalip. I highly recommend the Ranch Burger with a grilled egg, and bacon. Perfect to recharge the stomach as we warmed our chilled core next to their gas fireplace.

It was also nice to run into Chuck Gold and Jim Tetrick. Both are seasoned Chironomid fishermen and Stillwater experts. Rob ended up with a fish count in the high teens and I landed 23 fish. There were many missed hits and both short and long distance releases but it was a great day with some sun, wind, cool breeze at times but no rain.

Looking forward to the bomber hatch which hasnt been seen with the throat sampling. I saw many size 18 olive bugs some size 16 red ribbed chromers, olive worms, and grey tumblers as Chuck Gold like to call them. Water temp was between 51-52 degrees.

Rob in action








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