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Back to the hood! 4/18/13

Back to the rainy and cooler side of the latitude I needed some time on the pram as the jetty fishing in one locale was ok but I wanted to get back to my beloved Stillwater and trout!

I was playing catch up this week but had the opportunity to get out today for a few hours and met up with Jeff H. We had the whole lake to ourselves, something that is nice but the weather wasn’t so, with a little wind, a little rain, and a little cooler temps.

I quickly launched and rowed out as I admired the blue green colored water and beauty of our western Washington landscape. It would be tough to live in a place like southern California but I have to admit the sunshine and the warmer temps are definitely nice.

As I rowed out and set up my sounder I started marking fish at the bottom as the depth deepened I could see good activity below. When the sounder was consistent it was time to anchor down and set my full sink line up with some meat and potatoes. Olive marabou leech was all I needed on the cool day. Within moments my rod bounced and a feisty rainbow trout succumbed to the net. I mostly connected with smaller and medium sized fish from 8-11″ with one or two pushing 14″ mostly from the recent planting a few weed ago.

Jeff was doing well as he normally does and we caught up a little over lunch and a few laughs. I had to get back to wrap up some work but it was a nice break to be able to connect with some fantastic scenery and a few willing trout.




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Newport Beach Jetty: 4/13/13

The weather in Newport wasnt the greatest as clouds and cooler air temps seemed to through things off. Coupled with a poor tide and wind made things tougher for my fishing.

I gave it an hour on the jetty and called it quits with no fish to show for the efforts. It was a good few days of fly rod and beach casting while it lasted. I ended up snapping the tip of my Redington CT travel rod while going to disassemble it for the trip back to Seattle. Good thing that I have other 5 wts. for backup as I’ll have to send this one back to Sage for a replacement.

I did take a walk out to the pier and saw the locals with buckets of mackerel and smelt, wonder how they taste? They were using shrimp and cut up mackerel as bait and also using sabiki rigs to catch the smelt.

Looking forward to getting out on some stillwater this week or may end up working around the yard cleaning up and or working on getting the boat ready for the Ling Cod opener which is just around the corner.



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Surf Perch 2.0: 4/11/13

Another sunrise brought anticipation of pounding surf and the prospects of perch on the fly. Today I rigged up a chartreuse calf tail dropper tied on fluoro tippet to the eye of the pink marabou fly that worked well yesterday.

Even though I only fished an hour this morning it yielded a few willing takers. My parents were encouraging me to keep any perch if I were to catch anything. The fish were smaller than the previous day but I kept a few for the fry pan. I was surprised when a female when cut open showed a cavity filled with baby perch. I know my parents will especially enjoy breakfast this morning.





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Newport Beach: 4/10/13

Spring break 2013 marked my fathers 70th birthday celebration. We needed some sunshine and warm weather as spring teased us in western WA. I’d be missing out on fishing Dry Falls one of my favorite stillwater lakes in WA but I tried to make the most of the family trip and decided to pack light by brining a reel with spare line, box of salt water flies, some tippet, and my 5 wt 6 piece travel rod. I didn’t know what to expect by bringing such a light trout rod but figured I’d be making a lot of casts searching so didn’t want to wear out my arm in doing so.

Sunrise was 6:26 and I couldn’t sleep as the boys were all settling down and irritable. Jonah had a fever and cried most of the night as we all tossed and turned. I had mapped out the rock jetty and figured that there might be something to nab if it was swimming.

I started on the North facing side of the Jetty with a deep 7 but quickly found it to be too aggressive and fast sinking. Luckly I brought the outbound short with 30′ integrated clear tip which I swapped out and re-tied my fly, a pink chenille marabou tail that I made for pink salmon fishing.

After about 20 casts and nothing to show for I switched directions and fished the south facing and more sun lit portion of the jetty. The high tide wasn’t until 10 am with a 4.7′ high but the crashing waves and surf spray gave caution to not get too close to the barnicle and mussel covered rocks below.

After my third cast and strip, the line went tight and a medium sized surf perch of 6-7″ came wobbling up. Just as I brought it up it wiggled free and dropped back into the surf. This was a good sign indeed! My first surf perch on the fly. I made another dozen casts and was able to coax another smaller fish up and this time snapped a quick pic and gave it back to the sea.

Even though I fished for an hour the sights, smells and experiences from the trip was good enough. The day prior we enjoyed some of the best Korean barbeque that I can recall. Kang Hodong Baekjong is the rave of the town and had a nice write up in the LA Times. The various cuts of plain and seasoned meat grilled up was magnificent and fit for royalty. Even though this is a family trip I was glad to connect with a few willing players. I’ll give it another try tomorrow morning with a chartreuse over white clouser.














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Grayland beach: March 31st, 2013

We just returned from the best weather of any Easter weekend that I can recall. Saturday’s temps were in the mid 60s, sunny and clear. Sunday was also in the 60s but there was a marine layer of fog and it was hazy as a result but still nice pleasant weather with that coastal breeze.

The previous night it was tough on everyone getting accommodated to the new surroundings and sleeping so we were all pretty tired and managed to sleep better on the second night. We did have a snafu on Saturday afternoon while trying to leave the beach. I had driven north to explore the beach but with the incoming tide the area of sand and ‘road’ was running out so I decided to turn around and exit out the road we came in. I took a wrong line in the sand and as a result the van barreled down in the sand and we were stuck. I knew the instant I entered the soft sun warmed sand that I made the mistake. Fortunately, not long after a guy in his F250 power stroke drove by and I asked him for help. Luckily he had a tow rope and we managed to pull out with little effort. He was USCG and had Alaska Plates, prob was stationed out of Westport. I thanked him but he didn’t want any money to help with the tow. Glad to know there are nice people that are willing to help. Next time is feel now comfortable with taking my 4×4 Tacoma when venturing back to the beach.

We stayed at Twin Harbors state park on the west side of 105 in the tent campground. The shower rooms were nicely sized bit we didn’t use them since the token machine was broken. There was only 1 restroom there and was relatively clean. The little trailer did well camping without any hookups and having a generator provided us with enough electricity to use the toaster oven to make heat up pizza and breakfast sandwiches, even bake cookies.

Since the fog layer was thick it was tough to see the location of the marker I used to park the day prior, but found a spot a bit further down that was closer to the wind generators that looked clammy. We got there around 7:30 after leaving the park to make a dump station stop and filling up with a little
more water to provide us with enough to shower the kids and clean off the gear.

After a big breakfast we pushed off around 8:45, plenty of time as the low tide was 10:15 am. However the clam ‘shows’ weren’t as visible from the day prior. There definitely were more folks on the beach as Sundays dig was only limited to Twin Harbors beach. Many of the early diggers got their limits quickly but we struggled a bit more having to pound the ground to look for the shows. We did get some larger clams and closer to the surf line.

The boys were getting cold and irritable so we called it a day and headed back to clean up and get on the road. Time does fly when you’re having fun! Was nice to test out the outdoor shower with Luca and I know he enjoyed being clean for the ride home where both boys slept nearly the whole drive back which took closer to 3 hours due to traffic in Tacoma and also through the 405 into Bellevue.

We wrapped up the weekend with a nice family dinner at my sisters house and watched the glorious sunset as we smiled and look forward to our next adventure with our Casita.







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