Newport Beach: 4/10/13

Spring break 2013 marked my fathers 70th birthday celebration. We needed some sunshine and warm weather as spring teased us in western WA. I’d be missing out on fishing Dry Falls one of my favorite stillwater lakes in WA but I tried to make the most of the family trip and decided to pack light by brining a reel with spare line, box of salt water flies, some tippet, and my 5 wt 6 piece travel rod. I didn’t know what to expect by bringing such a light trout rod but figured I’d be making a lot of casts searching so didn’t want to wear out my arm in doing so.

Sunrise was 6:26 and I couldn’t sleep as the boys were all settling down and irritable. Jonah had a fever and cried most of the night as we all tossed and turned. I had mapped out the rock jetty and figured that there might be something to nab if it was swimming.

I started on the North facing side of the Jetty with a deep 7 but quickly found it to be too aggressive and fast sinking. Luckly I brought the outbound short with 30′ integrated clear tip which I swapped out and re-tied my fly, a pink chenille marabou tail that I made for pink salmon fishing.

After about 20 casts and nothing to show for I switched directions and fished the south facing and more sun lit portion of the jetty. The high tide wasn’t until 10 am with a 4.7′ high but the crashing waves and surf spray gave caution to not get too close to the barnicle and mussel covered rocks below.

After my third cast and strip, the line went tight and a medium sized surf perch of 6-7″ came wobbling up. Just as I brought it up it wiggled free and dropped back into the surf. This was a good sign indeed! My first surf perch on the fly. I made another dozen casts and was able to coax another smaller fish up and this time snapped a quick pic and gave it back to the sea.

Even though I fished for an hour the sights, smells and experiences from the trip was good enough. The day prior we enjoyed some of the best Korean barbeque that I can recall. Kang Hodong Baekjong is the rave of the town and had a nice write up in the LA Times. The various cuts of plain and seasoned meat grilled up was magnificent and fit for royalty. Even though this is a family trip I was glad to connect with a few willing players. I’ll give it another try tomorrow morning with a chartreuse over white clouser.














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