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Trout Redemption: part 2, May 7th, 2013

After the hour long journey back to the launch at Sammamish my thirst had not been quenched. Luckily, my plan B would be to fish Pine Lake. I had packed the oars, 5 wt rod, along with my sounder and anchors in the morning.

My pram is stored nearby on the trailer so I swung by to grab it and off I went up to Pine. After the un-successful outing on opening day with my family in tow I needed some redemption. I rigged up and rowed out from the launch and within 100 yards the rod with the sinking line starts bouncing and my first trout of the lowland season comes to hand.

In years past the better fishing was the far west end of the lake so I proceed to row over while trolling the integrated sink tip line. I found a black woolly bigger on the launch and tied it on figuring it would be a good searching pattern. While trolling I picked up a few more fish until my sounder started picking up more fish so I dropped anchor and set up my floating line with bobber.

I threw on a hares ear nymph under the bobber. As soon as it hit the water and the fly started sinking the line went tight and another feisty trout came to hand. Throat samples revealed daphnia and size 18 red ribbed chromers. While I had the floating line with chironomids suspended I started throwing my other rod with integrated tip. The fish were going nuts with the stripped fly. I was in the zone pulling 8 trout on 8 consecutive casts.

After the 20th or so fish the tippet have way and the woolly surrendered to the trout. I threw on another baitfish pattern similar to a Mickey Finn but with a red body and wire wrap abdomen. The trout went nuts over this and it resulted in many sore lips and broken hopes. What a day! I lost count as I was just having fun catching and releasing, hopefully giving these recent planters a little education to grow bigger and stronger for another day.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, a WDFW truck pulls up as I’m wrapping up for the day and drops another 1000 fish into the lake. Greedily I drop anchor and make a dozen or so casts without any luck. I think once they adjust to their new surroundings the folks fishing the docks will be pulling them in left and right. It was a good day to be on Pine lake and a bad day for the trout.







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Smallmouth outing cut short… May 7th 2013

Wind, cocky park ranger, and jet boat with no forward gear is not a recipe for a fun day. With the weather looking great the day before I wanted to spend some time on the water fishing. I suggested to Jeff that we try Lingcod or trout but he wanted to get his sled on Sammamish to make sure everything was ok for a run later his month to Hells Canyon.

We met at the launch a little after it opened and was greeted by Ranger Rick who proceeded to give us the 50 questionnaire and the type of park pass we had, after the interrogation we fired up the 115 Yamaha jet on the first turn of the key and launched. After running about 10 minutes at a fairly good pace the motor cuts out. Ok, we fire it back up and go back into gear and motor some more until we get to our destination towards the north end of the lake.

After being blown around and making a few dozen casts with only 1 small fish to show for the efforts. When Jeff got his line tangled in the trolling motor he asked me to fire up the big motor and put it into gear, uh oh…. Something must have slipped and the gear selector wasn’t engaging, so we had to make our way back in reverse all the way to the launch.

I’ll be grabbing my pram and heading up to Pine Lake to finding out the day…





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