Smallmouth outing cut short… May 7th 2013

Wind, cocky park ranger, and jet boat with no forward gear is not a recipe for a fun day. With the weather looking great the day before I wanted to spend some time on the water fishing. I suggested to Jeff that we try Lingcod or trout but he wanted to get his sled on Sammamish to make sure everything was ok for a run later his month to Hells Canyon.

We met at the launch a little after it opened and was greeted by Ranger Rick who proceeded to give us the 50 questionnaire and the type of park pass we had, after the interrogation we fired up the 115 Yamaha jet on the first turn of the key and launched. After running about 10 minutes at a fairly good pace the motor cuts out. Ok, we fire it back up and go back into gear and motor some more until we get to our destination towards the north end of the lake.

After being blown around and making a few dozen casts with only 1 small fish to show for the efforts. When Jeff got his line tangled in the trolling motor he asked me to fire up the big motor and put it into gear, uh oh…. Something must have slipped and the gear selector wasn’t engaging, so we had to make our way back in reverse all the way to the launch.

I’ll be grabbing my pram and heading up to Pine Lake to finding out the day…





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