About Felt Seoul

I thought the name was well suited for me because an essential part of any fly fisherman’s wardrobe are waders and good wading boots which are typically lined with felt soles to prevent slipping on the mossy coated rocks of the river bottom. The Seoul is from my heritage of being born in Seoul Korea, a place that I would love to return to and fly fish for trout, specifically Cherry Trout! My grandfather was an avid outdoorsman in Korea: hunting, fishing, raising livestock, farming, and I think I get my inspiration from him. Thanks Grandpa…we miss you


9 thoughts on “About Felt Seoul

  1. Paul Chu

    Nice report and pictures. Maybe we will meet one of these days. I don’t think there is that many Korean fly fishers in Washington.

  2. Hi Paul – nice site. My parents lived in Seoul for a few years as ex-pat’s with FedEx. Looking forward to meeting you.


  3. Lisa

    Very cool site! The name Felt Seoul is great. (To Paul Chu’s comment) I find it is certainly is unique to be a Korean fly-fisherwoman too!

    • Keep practicing and getting out with your boyfriend. The only way to get better is to fish more. Good fishing with you, and good luck with your fishing endeavours.

  4. Chris

    Hey Paul, came across your site while surfing through WFF for some info on fly fishing. Been a gear fisher my whole life and recently had the desire to really pick up fly fishing…and never put it down! Anyway, great blog and photos 🙂

  5. sterling stock


    Great site. I have fished Dry Falls every spring for the last 20 years. It is now starting to fish better after several “down” years.

    Question: I currently fish out of an 8 ft Buck’s pontoon but am considering looking for a small 10′ pram so I can fish with my son.

    Any suggestions?



    • Thanks Sterling,

      How old is your son? Is weight an issue? Where will you typically be fishing? There are some options in prams but I would recommend either a welded wideback Koffler or a 10′ Smith Mahoghany pram. Two different materials but depending on how you plan to transport and lakes that you’ll fish will determine the recommendation.

  6. Edward Riley


    Love your website. I am moving to Seattle for a year and will be using your website for ideas of where to fish on a regular basis. I am coming from the SF Bay Area. I do a lot bass (black and striper) fishing out of a 16 ft welded jon boat with a 50 hp. I’ve been using that the last couple weeks for fly fishing in kelp beds off of Whidbey (that was awesome). Looking forward to using that boat to fish the Sound, Lake Washington, and some of your bigger rivers over the next year. However, my son and I miss our light weight, riveted jon with the small motor because we like fishing skinny waters and I’d like something to fish some of the small lakes and rivers in the Seattle area. I don’t want another riveted Jon boat. We are rough on our boats and the rivets started leaking very quickly. Was wondering what you think of the Koffler 12 ft pram. I figure we need the bigger boat since we are both over 6 foot. How well does your Koffler row? Will a 6 hp motor move it fairly well? I’m not interested in going down class IV rivers with it, but can it be used to float a class 2 or 2+ river? If I get the wide back model can two people stand on calm water and fish?



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