Hello and welcome to my blog, which is a compilation of fishing reports over the course of the years from my home state of Washington.   My travels aren’t limited to just Washington as I’ve had the opportunity to fish in British Columbia, Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Oklahoma, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, California, Utah, New Mexico and most recently Los Cabo San Lucas.  I found it frustrating gathering online information from many different sources to learn about a new fishing destination, so I decided to publish a travel diary of my fishing trips to share with other fellow fly fishing friends.  Im not much for documenting or journaling my fly fishing experiences, but a friend suggested that I should blog my travels so that I might share those experiences with my fly fishing and non fly fishing friends.   Maybe through this diary it will help those who aren’t as passionate to better understand my pursuit, or it might just end up being a good bundle of memoirs for me to laugh at when Im 95 years old.  I will try to keep the site regularly posted with new and helpful information that will help the beginner to even the most seasoned angler so that you can benefit from my experiences.  I hope you enjoy the site!  ~ Felt Seoul


12 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Impressive start. Can’t wait to see what this looks like after a few months. I’ll bet you’ll be amazed at how many people start coming. ^^

  2. Bud Cheney

    Could you share your recipe for the rusty-nail chironomid? Your site is welll done, enjoyable, and informative to read.

    • HI Bud, The Rusty nail is a bug developed by a local Chironomid fisherman, Tan thread, and one strand of olive Frostbite for the ribbing, and white or smoke colored bead head. I like to tie them thin bodied with a taper to match the natural. Good luck! Paul

  3. Jeff

    I really enjoy your blog, and would love to pic your brain about prams; I’m considering getting one, and have no idea where to start.

    I’m from Oregon (now live in Kirkland), but have fished all over the NW. Now that i have a 4 and a 6 yr old, I don’t get out near as often.

    Please keep up the posts; they’re great.


    • Thanks Jeff, glad you’re enjoying reading the blog. Give me a call if you want more info on prams. I’ve had about every imaginable pram out there and depending on your needs I might be able to point you in the right direction. 206-456-4214

      • Jeff

        Hi Paul,
        I just noticed that you’d replied to my post. I will give you a call.
        Keep up the great work on your site; it’s awesome.
        Just got back from 4 days in Kamloops. FIshed Roche, Edith, Horseshoe, and Heffley Lakes. It was cold and windy, the whole time. I did catch fish at each lake, but it wasn’t easy. That said, there was a line of guys in prams at Roche, who were ripping the fish…fishing Cronies in 19′ of water. They were all very friendly. My problem was my pontoon was getting blown all over the place…I could never keep my position.

        Have a great day,

      • Awesome! I love Roche and Horseshoe lakes!!! In my opinion if you don’t fish from a pram it’s tough to get the proper presentation.

  4. Jeff

    Hey Paul,
    Are you ever in the Kirkland/Redmond area? If so, I’d love the chance to buy you lunch or a cup of coffee and talk prams/fishing.


  5. Warren

    Hi Paul,
    Great blog and site! Thao sent me the link, and I’ve been perusing it at my leisure for the past week. By lucky chance I was introduced to Thao recently, and he guided me the mouth of the Duwamish, and to my first pink salmon on a flyrod! We limited out in about 2.5 hours. Great fight on 5 weight rod…It was a great experience for me!

    I’m only in Seattle for a couple more days but would love to get some more fishing in.
    Any advice on a good public beach to fish with spinning gear for pink salmon would be great.

    Thanks and Keep fishing/blogging!

  6. Ron Oates/Montana Outfitters

    Enjoyed your dissertation on the various pram type boats……….I am a Licensed Outfitter here in Montana and have been doing more still water fishing lately, leaving the rivers for lakes but am having a hell of a time with 3 or 4 clients in float tubes spread out all over med-large lakes as trying to kick around from one to another netting fish is killing me and am thinking a pram is the answer..I can go faster and at 67 years old and no way to stop working I gotta get creative or croak…………if you run into or know anyone with a 8 foot pram that doesn’t want a arm and 2 legs please contact me……thanks ,Ron Oates/Montana Outfitters 350fish@gmail.com or 406-350- fish……………

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