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Close but no cigar: 8/4/2012

After three previous outings without bringing a fish to the net today would be the day to break the spell for me. However it wasn’t a keeper fish as it had a third finger and had to be set free. We did have another violent takedown, but the hook didn’t stick and after a brief fight it was off.

Ching W. and my dad would join me to launch at 4 am from Shishole in hopes that we’d intercept the big bait balls that were reportedly around the Kingston area. We found the bait at Jeff Head, but we also found the fleet of guide boats and other sport fishers that were in search of the migratory kings as well.

I am not the type to follow a war path of the charters or other sport boats and like to do my own thing because too many flashers and spoons running through even the biggest bait balls will put the bite off. Even too much bait will throw a bite off as when I’ve fished a caddis or tricorithydes hatch it’s really about timing, presentation, and matching the hatch. Since we didn’t have a fish to sample the gut we had to go off the bait that we got from Point no Point and it was small. I started off with a UV purple haze and blueberries and cream tail wagged with no success. All the action was coming off the green dragon Q point flasher with white lightning coho killer. Even though the were shakers it was action.

I decide to retire the 3.5″ spoon in favor of the cookies and creme coho killer which was responsible for both takedowns on the port side set up. Although we didn’t get a fish to qualify us for the derby it was a nice day, although a bit windy it was nice to find some of these migratory fish in our local waters. Surprising that the best action was from. 10:30-11:30 just a couple hours before the outgoing low tide.

Although the photo doesn’t do the fish justice since were trying to keep it in the water for release I would guess between 13-14 lbs? As a concession we grabbed an almost three limit of Dungeness crab for the dinner table.


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Rough opener: July 16th, 2012

The adrenaline was pumping as we geared up to make the O’dark thirty run in marine layer fog from Shilshoal to hit my beloved fishing grounds at Jeff Head. I was optimistic that we’d find feeding fish as there was bait around but scattered. At times the dig was so heavy we couldn’t see 30 yards in 360 degrees making for some eery conditions around.

Ching W. and Brian S. would join me for the darkness launch and motor out with the windshield open as we planed out spotting for freight ships and debris that would do a number on Hewey. We picked up shakers and even a couple of flounder. The heartbreaker of the morning was a marked king of about 10 lbs which krackered off as it neared the boat. It took one more run before the net was opened up and the barbless hook in seated itself from its mouth.

That fish will haunt me this week as I replay that over and over in my head on what I could’ve done to have kept it on the end of the line. I played it right, the Cookies and creme Q Point flasher with 3.5″ yellowtail spoon was the ticket to nab that fish but it didn’t want anything to do with a boat or net that morning.

I got other reports from John Martines of Johns Sporting Goods, they whacked the Kings at Possession and I suspect my next outing will be hunting them down with a heat seeking missile when I venture out next.

From John M. “July 16, opening day for Chinook, I am fishing with Wayne Kruse, Trey Jacober, Captain Gary Krein and Deckhand Jim Windham. We boated six Chinook by 8:08AM on Possession Bar. The next series of pictures below are all from today while fishing with my good freinds. Awesome day! The pictures say it all.”

John’s Sporting Goods Tackle we were using: Hot Spot Flasher Red Racer, Hot Spot Flasher Purple Haze, Kingfisher Spoon Cookies n Cream 3.5, Kingfisher Spoon Red Racer 3.5 and Tomic 602/603 5” Plug.”

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