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One last hurrah? 8/27/12

With the recent emergency closure of Marine areas 9 and 10 and report of good King salmon still around I needed to give it one more shot before it closed down. Dad and I took the Hewes out and had our sights on Dolphin Point which is the top of marine area 11. My neighbor Jim G. Had reported good success at Dolphin, seeing his boat hitched up to his truck was too much for me and I made the last minute call to dad, hitched up and loaded up the boat and readied for the am departure.

We didn’t get in the water until a little after 7 and made our approach out to the point. We wouldn’t be alone with a dozen or so boats also doing laps in search of the clipped kings. We only saw one net fly in the couple hours we dragged our flashers and spoons. It appeared to be a small coho but was enough for that boat to keep it. Also heard some chatter that another larger fish was almost boated but lost. Jim said that it’d been slow for them and I know he was probably out since daylight so I didn’t feel so bad for not being able to make it out with lines in the water by 7:30.

We trolled the point, the bay and did a few laps working the tide change without any success. When Jim asked how we were doing, I said ‘excellent! If you can count all the shakers…’ dad and I decided to poke around Three Tree in Burien, so we punched out around 9:30 in hopes to catch a little not of the flood tide. I ran into Ed W. who was out with his Woolridge boat and his dog, that guy loves to fish and does it all by himself. He said it was slow all morning at Three Tree and threw everything he had at em without any success. He said it had been good with multiple hookups days prior, story of my Puget Sound King fishing in 2012! Either I’m too early or too late. We couldnt keep the shakers off the Coho killers and one of those shakers coughed up a small anchovie the exact size of the coho killer. I guess after the stellar 2011 fishing this is payback for putting the hurt to those Tyee’s.

I’ll take the boat out over the Labor day weekend to throw some crab pots and maybe spend a day with my family on Blake island. Not sure if I’ll have her out again for winter Blackmouth or fall Coho but will look towards filling up my freezer this coming week as we head out to the Olympic Pennisula for a few days off with fishing for dad and I.



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