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Back to the hood! 4/18/13

Back to the rainy and cooler side of the latitude I needed some time on the pram as the jetty fishing in one locale was ok but I wanted to get back to my beloved Stillwater and trout!

I was playing catch up this week but had the opportunity to get out today for a few hours and met up with Jeff H. We had the whole lake to ourselves, something that is nice but the weather wasn’t so, with a little wind, a little rain, and a little cooler temps.

I quickly launched and rowed out as I admired the blue green colored water and beauty of our western Washington landscape. It would be tough to live in a place like southern California but I have to admit the sunshine and the warmer temps are definitely nice.

As I rowed out and set up my sounder I started marking fish at the bottom as the depth deepened I could see good activity below. When the sounder was consistent it was time to anchor down and set my full sink line up with some meat and potatoes. Olive marabou leech was all I needed on the cool day. Within moments my rod bounced and a feisty rainbow trout succumbed to the net. I mostly connected with smaller and medium sized fish from 8-11″ with one or two pushing 14″ mostly from the recent planting a few weed ago.

Jeff was doing well as he normally does and we caught up a little over lunch and a few laughs. I had to get back to wrap up some work but it was a nice break to be able to connect with some fantastic scenery and a few willing trout.




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A Taco Fiesta! 5/16/12

I had a rough couple of days and needed some liquid therapy. The only kind that siestas are made of… Jeff H. and Mark Y. Had been experiencing some fantastic days on the Snake. They’d leisurely arrive around noon, set up the anchors in 40-42′ of water and proceed to put some pain on some rainbow trout lips. Both Mark and Jeff have become excellent students of the vertical fishing method and have fooled a many trout on their Chironomid patterns. There was an excellent bomber hatch of size 10-12 red ribbed Chromers and while it wasn’t visible on the surface the trout were feasting on these jumbo bites. I got to the lake around 11:30 and just as I got there, Jeff was pretty much set up and getting ready to row out. We started marking fish around 37′ and decided on anchoring down and tie on some proven patterns. Within minutes we both had take downs and some silvery colored holdover fish that folded our rods on the violent grabs. While I didn’t get any shots of the fish it was a beautiful sunny but slight chilly due to the southerly winds. I finally left had to pack up around 4:30 to go pick up my son but it was nice to get out for 4 hours and in the end I landed 18 fish between 12″-16″. I’m sure Jeff was into 20+ fish and Mark wasn’t too far away from those numbers. I did take a photo of Jeff’s Chironimid box a nicely artistic array of some very effective bugs. That box is priceless as it probably has many hours on and off the tying bench coming up with materials and designs that mimic the trouts natural diet sources. The beauty of this fishery is that it’s so close and when you’re up there seems like you’re in the middle of the BC interior lakes or on vacation. It’s peaceful, quiet, no road noise or homes around the lake like Pass or Lone lakes and there are plenty of nicer sized fish. I can probably say that the quality of this lake has improved with it going to catch and release.




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Winter snake trout: 12/8/2011

Jeff and I wanted to get out and give the Snake a try despite the cold weather we’ve been having this December. The air temp was hovering in the mid 30s so we dressed appropriately as fishing Stillwater is tough to do when you’re cold. We met on the water around 11 and proceeded to row out to 40′ of water where fij activity was noted at the bottom of the 44 degree water. Imagine that?!? The water was actually warmer than the air.

Jeff rigged up his usual double set up with Amber Ted butt chironomid with top chromie and I slipped on a black micro rabbit fur leech. It was fun reading the humminbird 120 fishin buddies when a fish would appear we would call out and usually Jeff would have the fish on his fly!

Jeff ended up with 6-7 fish and I had 3 the coloration of these winter fish was strikingly beautiful. Although we only could stand being out there for 3 hours it was a nice way to spend a few hours catching some pretty rainbow trout.




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