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Last hurrah: 2/13/13

Since the steelhead closure is two more days away on most sound rivers I wanted to give it another go with the centerpin rod and reel. Trying to go fishing with two kids in diapers is no easy feat as I had to prep the boys and drop them off at daycare while I assembled my gear and made my way towards the hills. Even a bad day of fishing can be ok as its about the journey and the joy of getting out for some fresh air and scenery.

The temps were warm in the low 50’s as I made my way towards highway 2 and the drive was non eventful. I rigged up the pin rod with float and proceeded towards the river which was slightly up and had a little color which is a good thing. I was hopeful that the rains had pushed some fish into the runs and holes. After pounding a couple of well known spots I concluded that there were no fresh winter runs and after talking to a couple of locals even Reiter had been slow. I did feel more comfortable with casting and managing the reel buy also found myself tangled up a few times and trying to manage the line.

I didnt get skunked as two smaller male
Coho gobbled up the cured steelhead fire cure roe. It’s always exciting to connect when the bobber goes down and there is a tug and pulse at the end of the rod. Too bad it wasn’t what I was looking for but not a bad way to end the season.

I’ll be focusing on Stillwater for eastern WA basin trout next month so will be re-gearing up in preparation for chironomids and strike indicators.





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Dirty Center Pinup 11/1/2012

I’ve had a bad case of fish-i-tis and needed some redemption. What more punishment than heading out in traffic and rain and up to the hills to gruel it out pounding the water for a chance at some metal heads.

I wanted to try out a new to me Centerpin rod that I purchased last summer and was wanting to get wet and this was the day. The flows looked high and I knew the river would be blown and high but also knew that there might not be anyone else up there and I’d have a couple hours to practice the craft.

Within about my two dozenth cast and dead drift along a promising seam the indicator took a nose dive, I set and lifted and I had fish on! At first it didn’t seem like a salmon or steelhead as it didn’t move much but when I applied some pressure all heck busted loose with a few fiery runs and then the hen go into the swift water took a big leap and said see ya and threw the hook. After another 10 dozen casts and well working the seam and fishy water I wasn’t able to coax another takedown so I packed up and headed to pick some Chantrelles and make it back early so I could prepare teriyaki Coho and cream of Chantrelle bisque with fresh bread and spinach salad. I’ll be back next time with a better practiced casting arm.

Rod: Okuma Guide Select 13′ pin rod
Reel: Okuma Adventa
Line: Chartreuse hi-float
Fly: Pink Bacon and eggs.






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Skykomish float: 12/11/2011

Since Phil is taking a day off next week so we can fish the Nisqually, I thought it would be nice to make a dry run with some more practice time on the sticks. I want him feel comfortable rowing the drift boat as the Nisqually is a smaller river in places and there are more log jams and hazards that require some amount of rowing skills.

I had the day off an decided that it would be nice to float the Skykomish from Sultan to Ben Howard. The flows were running pretty low with about 3′ of visibility. While I launched the boat I thought we’d have a little more time on the water and decided to take out at Lewis street instead, but that would add another mile and half to the float.

We pulled off at the first nice looking beach and practiced with the switch rod and swinging flies in search of steel. While We didn’t find any there an old chum somehow took my steelhead fly. While the water looked fantastic and the conditions were ideal the river seemed devoid of fish and we fished many ideal bucket waters hoping to find a willing contender.

Halfway through the float my indicator took a b-line upstream and I had a nice sized Bull trout in the egg pattern. While we never got it to hand, I could see it was a very large fish of 25″+ just size of it’s mouth could probably hold my fist. A few runs later I drifted my rig through a likely slot and in the first drift my indicator went down and a native steelhead was hooked all 9″ of it! I guess I can say that it was a good trip as I didn’t expect to hook anything and ended up with a few willing players.the reports of bright chum are showing up on the reports and hope that were able to luck out with a few players.












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