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Back to the hood! 4/18/13

Back to the rainy and cooler side of the latitude I needed some time on the pram as the jetty fishing in one locale was ok but I wanted to get back to my beloved Stillwater and trout!

I was playing catch up this week but had the opportunity to get out today for a few hours and met up with Jeff H. We had the whole lake to ourselves, something that is nice but the weather wasn’t so, with a little wind, a little rain, and a little cooler temps.

I quickly launched and rowed out as I admired the blue green colored water and beauty of our western Washington landscape. It would be tough to live in a place like southern California but I have to admit the sunshine and the warmer temps are definitely nice.

As I rowed out and set up my sounder I started marking fish at the bottom as the depth deepened I could see good activity below. When the sounder was consistent it was time to anchor down and set my full sink line up with some meat and potatoes. Olive marabou leech was all I needed on the cool day. Within moments my rod bounced and a feisty rainbow trout succumbed to the net. I mostly connected with smaller and medium sized fish from 8-11″ with one or two pushing 14″ mostly from the recent planting a few weed ago.

Jeff was doing well as he normally does and we caught up a little over lunch and a few laughs. I had to get back to wrap up some work but it was a nice break to be able to connect with some fantastic scenery and a few willing trout.




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